A typical dropshipping integration with Rye can be broken down into a few discrete steps. Most dropshipping integrations are heavily focused on the Amazon marketplace so our guidance here revolves around that use case, although there is no technical limitation on you dropshipping products from any of the other marketplaces we support (like Shopify). We have a more general-purpose integration guide which covers other marketplaces here.

If you would like us to add support for a new marketplace, then get in touch with us. Depending on your expected order volume, we may be able to accommodate these requests.

Dropshipping integrations with Rye tend to be completed very quickly. We have seen some platforms integrate with Rye in under a week’s time.


Register a Rye account

You can find instructions on this here. We recommend starting out with an account in our Staging environment, which will allow you to develop your integration in a sandbox without needing to charge real payment methods. Except for charging payment methods, our Staging environment behaves identically to our Production environment.


Request product tracking (optional)

You can optionally request tracking for Amazon product data via our requestAmazonProductByURL mutation. Calling this mutation for a given Amazon product will subscribe your account to webhook updates whenever that product’s data changes. If you already have product catalog data for your customers, then you can safely skip this step. Otherwise, we have detailed guidance on using this mutation here.


Create a cart

Our cart management guide steps you through the process of creating a cart with products inside, and attaching a shipping address. You may also be interested in the CartSettingsInput type; cart settings can be provided during cart creation or submission, and allow you to specify options like hiding pricing information from the packaging slip.


Submit the cart

For dropshippers, our recommendation is to use backend ordering for placing orders. Backend ordering allows you to place orders directly from your system without any need for a human in the loop. Rye’s systems are highly scalable, and capable of easily processing tens of thousands of orders per day.


Track fulfilment

Rye fires a webhook when tracking information is obtained. The tracking number(s) for the shipment(s) can then be sent to a third-party like Aftership to track the delivery status of the order.


Handle returns and cancellations

Returns can be requested programatically via the returnOrder mutation. Order cancellations are also programmatic, and are requested via the cancelOrder mutation.


Go live and make money

At this point, you’ll have everything you need to go live and start dropshipping products for your customers. Depending on your expected order volume, we may work with you to ramp up your use of the API over time.