How do payments flow when using Rye to purchase from Amazon?

We have comprehensive documentation on this payment flow here.

Am I able to get reseller tax exemptions to avoid paying sales tax twice?

Yes. There are no issues with getting a sales tax exemption certificate when using Rye.

Order lifecycle

What is the process for canceling an order?

Or: How can an order be canceled when using Rye’s API?

Orders can be cancelled programmatically via our cancellation endpoint.

How does Rye handle returns for Amazon orders?

Our returns guide goes into detail on how returns work. Our API is able to handle a variety of different returns scenarios, including where Amazon provides multiple return options for a specific order (e.g. UPS return labels). We send webhooks throughout the returns process to keep your system informed as the return lifecycle plays out.

How does Rye handle order tracking/status updates?

We send webhooks throughout the order lifecycle, all the way from when payment is captured to when tracking information for the shipment is obtained. Our tracking shipments guide has more detail on this, and also includes information on how to continue tracking shipments after tracking information has been obtained.

Usage limits

Is there a monthly limit of orders that can be processed through Rye?

No. There is no monthly limit on order volume. If you anticipate sending a large amount of volume, then we will generally work with you to gradually scale up your use of our API over time in order to smooth out the increase in load on our systems. Otherwise, you can send as many orders to our API as you can sell.

Is there a limit on the maximum number of addresses that can be shipped to?

No. There are no limits here; you are able to dropship products to as many different addresses as you need to.