You can create a new Rye account in seconds right from the developer console. You can choose to either sign up using your Google account, or by creating an account with a username/password combination.

After you create an account you can immediately start working with our API. All features of the Rye platform are available immediately.

Keep in mind that Rye has two separate API environments—staging and production—and Rye accounts for each environment are completely isolated. This means you will need to create two accounts with Rye; one in each environment.

Team accounts

We currently do not support team accounts in the Rye console. If you need to share access to a Rye account with team members, then we recommend using a username/password account and sharing the password with your team using a secure password manager.

If you originally signed up to Rye using your Google account, then you can add a password by following the reset password flow on the login page. Going through this flow will allow you to continue using OAuth while also letting your team sign in to the same account using a password.