With Rye you are able to build a number of eCommerce use cases to empower your creators to sell and earn from products they love - with or without their own store.

Two common use cases with Rye are:

  • Creator stores - promoting and selling third party products from Amazon and Shopify
  • Enable native checkout of their Shopify products on your creator app.

Creator stores

Build your own version of TikTok Shop - you can allow your creators to create their own store by listing products they love found on third-party eCommerce platforms like Amazon or Shopify. Once listed, they can promote the products to their audience who would be able to purchase those products directly in your app.


  • A shorter shopping journey - shoppers can purchase products at the point of inspiration instead of having to get redirected to a third party store.
  • One-click checkout - leverage high converting checkout solutions such as Apple or Google Pay natively on your site.
  • Monetize every sale - you can choose to mark up or charge a commission fee for your users for every sale to capture the sales made on your platform (usually this is difficult to do because most sales are done through affiliate links which redirect users off-platform where you do not have control over how it is monetized.)
  • Increased retention - keep users on your platform instead of being redirected out to complete a purchase.

Native checkout

You can also use Rye enable your creators to list and sell products from their own Shopify store directly in your app. This can be done with the Sync API.