You can monetize products sold with Rye by marking up prices with a margin. This works for both the Sell Anything API and the Sync API. You can even double dip and combine markups with commissions in cases where you are using the Sync API.

For example, if a pair of headphones costs $100 to fulfill, you can charge the user $120 and keep the difference to earn a profit of $20.

This is possible by using back-end ordering. You can mark up the price quoted by Rye before charging the user. As the submitCart mutation only charges your payment method for the price we quote you, you get to keep the difference with no reconciliation process or payout period.

Another way to mark up products based on a percentage or a dollar amount per item via the console. Marking up products in this way works well when you are placing orders using Rye Pay. You can access this feature in the Rye Console on the Accounts page.

The margin can be set as a % of each item or a dollar amount per item. Margins set through the console will be paid out monthly directly to the developer.