Collecting commissions

Say you’ve negotiated a commissions deal with a merchant or brand. Normally, every month you’d need to do a reconciliation usually over CSV to calculate the commissions and then have those commissions be paid out.

Rye drastically simplifies this process. With a 30 second install of the Rye Shopify app, you are now able to track all of the orders from your merchants in your Rye order log.

Commissions are automatically calculated, collected, and aggregated every month from your merchants into your Rye order log.

How and when are commissions paid out?

Commission earnings are paid out at the month’s end via ACH transfer. Payouts start from you generating your first order. Reach out to our Slack or for more information.

How can we obtain the commission or determine when it has been approved?

Commissions are immediately accessible for our sync API products. Regarding the sell anything API, we are targeting integration with affiliate networks in the first or second quarter.

How will I make money if there are no commissions?

Even without commissions, you can still profit by applying a mark-up to product prices sold through your platform.

How can we test the existing Rye merchants who are already providing commission?

For our existing merchants, you can find the list here. You just need to request products from those merchants (no need to request the merchant).


Commissions are automatically paid out by via ACH on the last day of each month. A minimum amount of $50 is required before payouts can be issued.

Please reach out to or via the Rye Slack channel to set this up.

Setting commissions

For merchants that have installed the Rye app using your unique developer Shopify installation link, merchants can set their desired commission reward within the Rye dashboard in their Shopify app.