Selecting products to add to your catalog

The first step is to identify what products within the Rye catalog you would like to add to your existing database. You will need to hand this list of products and stores to your technical implementation team for the next step.

Prepare this list as a CSV to handoff to your technical implementation team for the next step.

Prepare a list of URLs for the desired products and eCommerce stores. For example:

Example workflows for identifying products:

1. You already have a list of products/stores in mind

Check if the products/stores you have are supported by Rye. Rye currently supports: Shopify global and Amazon US products.

2. You are looking for inspiration for products

After signing up with Rye, you’ll get access to a CSV of ~15,000 products already available within Rye. This CSV can be found in the Developer Resources section of the Rye Console. The list also contains some additional information that can guide your product selection workflow including category information.

Request and syncing product data to your app

1. Requesting products to Rye

Now that you have your desired products, you can request its (1) product data using the following endpoints from the Sell Anything API:

Follow this guide to learn more.

2. Syncing requested products into your database

If you already have a database of products, it’s important to ensure that Rye’s inventory database is in sync with your inventory database. This step will allow your gifters to see all the necessary information regarding a product that you want to sell.

Use your existing database systems and sync your selected inventory periodically via a CRON job.

Allows for flexibility for customization of product data to display. e.g. you may want to have different product descriptions tailored for corporate gifting.Product price and availability can be slightly out of date depending on how often CRON syncs happen. Every 6 hours is the recommended interval. This can be intensive if there is a large number of synced products.
Rye works seamlessly with existing product look-up processes or flows.
Integration is simpler with a current inventory system.
Can easily co-exist with existing backend search system and sync inventory periodically.

Option 2: Client-side

Query Rye directly from your front-end. Implement server-side auth and query Rye API from the front-end.

Product price and availability are in sync with Rye and are up-to-dateIntegration could potentially be more difficult if there is an existing backend search experience


Begin with server-side integration.

6-hour sync intervals provide reasonably up-to-date pricing and availability information on most of the products during regular non-peak days. For more highly-frequented and sold-out products, a hybrid solution is in our roadmap to allow a near real-time inventory syncs and reduce the risk of stale product information.