Once an order is placed via Rye, the order ID can be used to send order updates via webhooks. Together, the webhooks can be used to send order status update emails, or update internal systems.

This will be useful to let your gifters and giftees know about order and delivery updates.

Available webhooks include:

  • Payment Succeeded
  • Order Submission Started
  • Order Submission Succeeded
  • Order Placed
  • Order Failed
  • Tracking Obtained (contains a tracking number, courier, and tracking URL)

Visit the Webhooks section for more information about webhooks and example responses.


  • How is the gift card delivered to the buyer? Is it sent to the email provided during cart submission?

    The buyer will receive the gift card through email once the merchant fulfills it.

  • How can we verify whether the buyer has received the gift card? Which webhook is associated with that event?

    It appears that we may need to incorporate a scenario for sending a webhook when products are dispatched and do not necessitate a tracking number.

  • Are tracking related webhooks not dispatched for gift card products?

    No, as we currently send tracking-related webhooks only when there is an item to track with an associated tracking number.