To generate an installation link, you can use the shopifyInstallationLink query. The query will return a URL that you can send to your merchant. The query takes one variable, storeCanonicalDomain. storeCanonicalDomain is the domain of the Shopify store you want to install the app on, for example, The domain has to be the domain and not a custom domain.

query shopifyInstallationLink($storeCanonicalDomain: String) {
  shopifyApp {
    installationLink(storeCanonicalDomain: $storeCanonicalDomain) {

Check installation status

Once the installation link is generated, you can check the status of the installation by using the integratedShopifyStore query. The query takes one variable, canonicalDomain.

query GetIntegratedStoreDomain($canonicalDomain: String) {
   integratedShopifyStore(canonicalDomain: $canonicalDomain) {

canonicalDomain will return null until the store is integrated (merchant has installed the Rye app).

Propose a commission rate

By default, Rye sets the commission rate for Shopify merchants to 25%. If you want to propose a different commission rate, you can use the proposeCommissionRate mutation. The mutation takes an input with two fields, ratePercent and canonicalDomain. ratePercent is the commission rate you want to propose. canonicalDomain is the domain of the Shopify store you want to propose the commission rate for. This query requires Rye authorization before the commission rate is accepted. You can request authorization by emailing

mutation setCommissionRateForMerchant {
 proposeShopifyMerchantCommission(input: {
 }) {
   commissionProposal {