When Rye Shopify app is installed, it requests the following access scopes:

ScopePermissionWhy we need it
read_productsView products detailsNeeded to retrieve product details for displaying products.
read_product_listingsView product listingsNecessary to display products available for sale in our app, even if they are not yet published on the Shopify store.
unauthenticated_read_product_listingsView product listings without user authenticationAllows retrieval of product listings without requiring user authentication, useful for public-facing product displays.
read_inventoryView inventory levelsNecessary for syncing and displaying real-time stock levels from Shopify.
write_checkoutsCreate and modify checkoutsAllows our app to create new checkouts, facilitating a seamless purchase process for customers.
write_draft_ordersCreate and modify draft ordersAllows our app to create and modify draft orders, aiding in pre-purchase processes and custom orders.
read_ordersView ordersTo access order details, update order status, and perform other order-related tasks.
write_ordersCreate and modify ordersEssential for creating orders via API when a customer places an order.
read_fulfillmentsView fulfillment informationTo track and manage order fulfillment status.
read_shippingView shipping informationNeeded to access shipping rates, methods, and related information for order fulfillment.
write_discountsCreate and modify discountsEnables our app to create and manage discounts directly, offering promotional deals to customers.
read_returnsView returns informationEnables our app to access and manage return requests and related information.
write_returnsCreate and modify returnsRequired for processing and updating return requests through our app.
read_shopify_payments_accountsView Shopify Payments account detailsEssential for retrieving payment-related data and understanding the financial context of transactions.

For more details on Shopify access scopes, visit the Shopify Documentation.