All Rye API calls occur in either our staging or production environment.

Our staging environment acts as a sandbox. Developers can safely work on their integration without the risk of placing real orders or charging real credit cards. We also offer features like test cards in this environment, which can be used to test edge cases like 3DS verification in a controlled and predictable manner. The staging environment is where all new Rye integrations begin.

After working on your integration in the staging environment, you can go live and launch to customers using our production environment. In production it is possible to charge real payment methods and purchase products from the various marketplaces the Rye API supports.

Both environments are completely isolated from each other to ensure security. A cart belonging to a customer in your production environment is inaccessible in the staging environment, and vice versa. Each environment uses a separate API key for authentication.

Getting started

The first step is to create a Rye account. Starting off with creating an account only in the staging environment is a common workflow, but keep in mind that in order to go live you will eventually need to create an account in the production environment as well.

Once you are signed in the Console to either environment, you will see a switch in the top-right corner of the page which tells you which environment you are currently signed in to. Clicking this switch will swap your browser between each environment. Below you can see an example of what this looks like when signed in to the staging environment:

Keep in mind that because each environment is isolated from the other, your authentication headers will be different for each environment. Using your staging API key to make requests to our production API will result in an authorization error, and vice versa.

Making API calls

If you are making direct GraphQL requests using your own GraphQL client, then you will need to manually specify which endpoint to make those requests against. The correct GraphQL endpoint for each environment can be found in the “Tech specs” section below.

If you are using one of our ready-made libraries such as Rye SDK or Rye Pay, then they will usually take an environment option during initialization. The libraries use this value to determine which endpoint they will make requests against under the hood.

Tech specs

Below you can find the GraphQL endpoints for each environment. When making requests you will need to provide authorization headers for your account in that environment for your requests to run successfully.

EnvironmentConsoleGraphQL Endpoint