We built Rye to solve one of the hardest parts about building in eCommerce — acquiring and onboarding merchants to sell on your marketplace or app.

Rye gives you everything you need to earn by selling virtually any product found on the internet instantly in your app or marketplace.

Sell anything

Rye enables you to sell products currently sold eCommerce platforms like Amazon and Shopify natively. With just a URL of your desired product, you can display relevant product details on your app or marketplace, start selling the product, and earn via mark-ups.

Adding and selling new merchants and their products now becomes instant. So instead of spending weeks-to-months attempting to connect, convince, and onboard merchants, you can add new products on the fly.

Choose from over one billion SKUs from more than hundreds of thousands of brands including Nike, Apple, and Amazon - this encompasses approximately 60% of all stores found in the USA.

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Earn commissions

You can also easily receive commissions upon generating sales for merchants you have commission deals with via Rye.

Simply, have them install the Rye app on the store and you can start placing orders and receiving orders for those sales automatically. No extra end of month reconciliation process needed.

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