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What is the commission structure for developers who refer traffic via Rye

The docs only state that Rye ensures highest payout per developer but does not go into details. We need more information before dedicating time to build with your platform

So is this like stripe?

I dont have a strong foundation in backend code. Does this let me just slap the code in my codebase and it runs? Also when what scenarios do you guys hold money from me I'm looking for painless alternative to stripe as they have been causing business folks alot problems in hackernews *** it just for one product with multiple tiers im stil not sure yet on the pricing of my product;>>> im looking torwards the future on what solutions i should use for my front end and i will reference to this later down the road. ur truly Lalo Salamanca

"You are looking for inspiration for products" Rye

Hi Guys, I'm so happy i have found Rye, i've been looking for a long time,and you have guys have popped up, i only know of two other company doing this kind of thing , but i really hope this is also for small start up's like myself to? i really hope this is so, as it would help with the chicken and egg syndrome, plus lots more options i can think of. Get product inventory and data, Connect with merchants / eComm platforms (e.g. Shopify),maybe Multivendor / native checkout, Order placement & tracking, Monetization and commission, Build creator commerce (e.g. wishlist / creator stores), Other What experience would the average user need to integrate with Rye?, for someone who is not a developer please. 1.How do we add & view products to add? , is there browser extension ? or a Rye sucure backend we will log into to view , add, and manage?, or is Rye purely for and integrated by a developer/developers? I tried to look for this but i don't find anywhere? "You are looking for inspiration for products" Here" is a CSV of the top 10,000 shopify stores, the list also contains some additional information that can guide your product selection workflow including category information. What about Woocomerce stores, do you integrate with these too?, please. I see that soon there maybe an AI search?. Is it possible to obtain more information from certain sellers or use keywords to find out? Appreciate any answers or info you may be able to share . Thanks for what looks like a very exciting product.


Hey there, I reached out looking for a demo but have yet to hear back from anyone on the team. Please let me know what the next steps are for booking in a demo.

Is ther a way I could request products price in specific currency?

Hello there, I am looking for a way to show my cart in particular currency, for example I want my users to see all their cart in USD. But I don't see any input in product or cart where I can specify the currency I want. Can you please let me know if this is possible Thanks

How does the affiliate program work for Rye?

I couldn't find more information on how to support affiliate links on the API references Thanks!

Can we use apple pay with Amazon products via Rye?

See title

Query for Requested products , Stores

Is there any way we can have a query to return the requested products or stores or vendors? We can also have the search functionality on the requested products. This way we can customize store experiences and can only show products for customers which only we requested.

Rye Pay SDK failing

Hi, I have followed the steps to submit a cart using rye pay but it fails to do so. when we load the rye pay script 1 the console fails to retrieve the env token and ryepay.submit does not work. also looks like this endpoint 1 does not exist for which script loads the env token.

Deterministic fetch results for API search queries

Problem: Display deterministic Search API results. Solutions? Examples?