Represents a product from the Shopify store.

id: ID!

A unique Shopify Product ID, usually an integer.

marketplace: Marketplace!

The marketplace associated with the product, in this case, Shopify.

title: String!

The title of the product.

description: String!

The description of the product scraped and extracted from the HTML of the product page.

vendor: String!

The vendor of the product.

url: URL!

The URL to the product page.

price: Price

The price of the product in the form of a Price object.

isAvailable: Boolean!

A boolean flag to indicate whether any of the product variants are available.

tags: [String!]!

A list of additional tags associated with the product.

images: [Image!]!

A list of images of the product, implementing the Image interface.

variants: [Variant!]!

A list of product variants available, usually different sizes or colors, implementing the Variant interface.

descriptionHTML: String!

The raw HTML of the product page description.

collectionHandle: String!

A handle for the product collection, used to group products together.

handle: String!

A unique handle for the product.

maxPrice: Int!

The maximum price across the product variants.

minPrice: Int!

The minimum price across the product variants.

productType: String!

The type of the product.

createdAt: Time!

The date and time when the product was created.

publishedAt: Time!

The date and time when the product was published.

storeCanonicalURL: URL!

The canonical URL of the store.

storeDomain: String!

The domain name part of the store canonical URL, e.g.,

options: [ProductOption!]

A list of extra customizations for a product.

reviewsConnection( before: ID after: ID first: Int last: Int ): ShopifyProductReviewsConnection

A connection to fetch product reviews. It accepts the arguments before, after, first, and last for pagination purposes and returns a ShopifyProductReviewsConnection object.