The input fields to provide the necessary information to submit a cart for processing through the submitCart mutation. By providing the cart ID, tokenized payment information, and billing address, the API can process the payment and complete the purchase. Once the cart is submitted, the user's payment is processed, and the purchased items are prepared for shipping or digital delivery, as applicable.


id: ID!

The ID of the cart that the user wants to submit for processing. It's a unique identifier for the cart in the system, and it's used to identify the cart that needs to be submitted.

token: String!

The tokenized credit card value represents the payment information provided by the user. This token is generated by a secure payment processor, and it ensures the user's sensitive payment data is not exposed or stored in the API. The token is used by the API to charge the user's credit card for the purchase.

billingAddress: BuyerIdentityInput

The BuyerIdentityInput object containing the billing address information.

selectedShippingOptions: [SelectedShippingOption!]!

The selected shipping options.

experimentalPromoCodes: [StorePromoCodesInput!]

Represents promo codes applied per store


This field is experimental and might be changed or removed in the future.


  • Currently promo codes work only for Amazon and Shopify non-integrated stores
  • Amazon supports multiple promo codes
  • Shopify non-integrated stores support only one promo code per store


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