The input fields to provide or update the buyer's identity and contact information. By supplying this information, the API can ensure accurate billing and shipping information for the buyer's order and facilitate personalized communication and support.


firstName: String

The first name of the buyer. This field can be used to personalize communications with the buyer and to identify the buyer in any customer support interactions.

lastName: String

The last name of the buyer. Similar to the firstName field, this field is used to personalize communications and identify the buyer in support interactions.

phone: String

The 10-digit phone number of the buyer. This field can be used for contacting the buyer in case of any issues with their order or for providing customer support.

email: String

The email address of the buyer. This field is important for sending transactional emails, like order confirmations, shipping updates, or password resets.

address1: String

The first line of the buyer's address, which typically includes the street name and building number.

address2: String

The second line of the buyer's address, can include additional information like apartment or suite numbers.

city: String!

The name of the city, district, village, or town where the buyer is located.

provinceCode: String

The 2-letter state or province code, is used to identify the buyer's location within a country.

countryCode: Country!

The 2-letter country code identifies the buyer's country.

postalCode: String!

The postal or zip code for the buyer's area, which is used for shipping and billing purposes.


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