Create Rye account and explore Rye console

  1. ⬜️ Create your Rye account.
  2. ⬜️ Fetch the API key from Rye console.

Start using the Rye API

  1. ⬜️ Get a fundamental understand of how Rye works via our Tutorial.
  2. ⬜️ Complete the Quickstart guide to develop a bare-bone checkout flow.
    1. ⬜️ Place a test order using the checkout flow.
    2. ⬜️ Look for your test order in Rye console → Orders.
  3. ⬜️ Execute some requests on our GQL playground in Rye console.

Review resources

  1. ⬜️ Review Rye docs and API references.
  2. ⬜️ Explore Rye guides.
  3. ⬜️ Explore Rye tutorial.