Cart deletion (manual)

If you know that your shopper has no intention of checking out or otherwise want to clean up a cart resource, then the removeCart mutation can be used for this purpose. Note that once removed, you will not be able to interact with the cart via our API and will need to create a new cart instead.

mutation DeleteAbandonedCart {
    input: {
      # NOTE: Replace this value with your own cart's identifier!
      id: "TgDZ0GvuqZkVlmdhm94f"
  ) {

Cart expiration (automatic)

Rye carts are valid for 10 days after they are first created. If a cart has not been checked out by this time, then it will not be possible to check out and you will need to create a new cart instead. Attempting to make any API operation against an expired cart will result in a root-level CART_EXPIRED_ERROR being raised.