Before you start integrating Rye's Cart API, it’s important to understand what features the Cart API has to offer.


1. Cart Management

The API enables creating, deleting, and submitting carts for customers. It allows users to manage multiple carts and supports various cart states like active, abandoned, and completed.



2. Product Management

The cart API allows customers to add, update, and remove items from their cart. They can modify the quantity, product options, and other related details of the items in their cart.



3. Cart Retrieval

Users can query cart information such as the list of products, their quantities, and prices. It also allows fetching details about applied discounts, taxes, and shipping costs.



4. Promotions and Discounts

Rye's cart API can be used to apply promotions, discount codes, or coupons to a cart, helping customers save money on their purchases.

5. Shipping and Tax Calculations

The API can be integrated with shipping and tax calculation services to provide accurate shipping costs and tax rates based on the customer's location and the items in their cart.

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