HTTP Headers

It is important to have certain HTTP headers as part of your Rye API requests.


The authorization header is required for developers to be able to access all queries/mutations of the Rye API. The header can be obtained from the Rye console, Under Account → Access and Security, view and copy your API key.

The header is of the following format:

  "Authorization": "Basic << API Key here >>",
  "rye-shopper-ip": "<< Your IP address her e>>"

rye-shopper-ip (Optional)

This header is required for making requests on behalf of the end user because some systems such as Shopify have fraud risk calculations based on the end user IP (ex: if the IP matches the billing address IP).

	"rye-shopper-ip": ""


rye-shopper-ip header is required to use the submitCart mutation.

Where to find these headers

These headers can be found if you head to and click on the HTTP Headers tab at the bottom of the screen.