Introducing the new Cart API

This new API allows developers and their users to create, manage, and checkout their carts containing multiple products from multiple different stores in just one easy payment and checkout!

We offer a comprehensive solution for managing shopping carts in the e-commerce environment. The Cart API leverages the power and flexibility of GraphQL, enabling developers to build tailored and efficient cart-related functionality into their applications.

Key features

  1. Single cart multi-product + multi-store checkout: The Cart API allows users to create a single cart with multiple products from multiple stores in a single checkout via a single payment.
  2. Cart management: The Cart API provides mutations for creating, updating, and deleting carts, as well as adding, updating, and removing cart items.
  3. Data retrieval: Queries enable fetching information about the cart, buyer identity, and obtaining an environment token for credit card data vaulting.
  4. Cart checkout via Rye Pay:
    1. Secure payment processing: The Rye Pay JavaScript script handles credit card data vaulting securely using Spreedly, with sensitive payment information never stored or transmitted by the merchant.
    2. Seamless integration: The API is designed to work with the rye-pay script for smooth cart submission and payment processing, while also allowing developers the option to handle Spreedly payment method tokens themselves.
    3. UI customization: The Rye Pay script encapsulates payment data transfer and token retrieval, allowing developers to build their own user interface for payment processing.


We encourage developers to explore our documentation, overview, and tutorial to learn more about the Cart API and how to use it efficiently in your applications. As always, your feedback is invaluable, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts on this new addition to the Rye suite of products.