Rye’s Sell Anything API enables you to sell products currently offered on eCommerce platforms like Amazon and Shopify natively. With just a URL of your desired product, you can display relevant product details on your app or marketplace, start selling the product, and earn via mark-ups.

Adding and selling new merchants and their products now happens instantly. Instead of spending weeks to months attempting to connect, convince, and onboard merchants, you can add new products on the fly.

Choose from over 500M SKUs from hundreds of thousands of brands, including Nike, Apple, and Amazon. This encompasses approximately 60% of all stores found in the USA.

The Sell Anything API has three parts:

  • Product data
  • Checkout experience
  • Post-checkout experience

Product data

The Sell Anything API lets you request data on any product from any Shopify or Amazon Canada/US store.

The product’s title, price, images, description, and all other data fields will then be available to you through the API. The Sell Anything API periodically refreshes this data to keep it up to date.

To fetch product data for your app, first, select and add desired products to the Rye inventory, and from there, sync the products to your app.

1. Add products to the Rye Inventory

You can add products to the Rye Inventory either through individual product links or entire stores in one go via the following queries:

Add products byInfo neededExampleQuery
Individual productsProduct page URL and marketplacehttps://www.allbirds.com/products/mens-tree-runners, SHOPIFYrequestProductByURL
Whole storesMerchant store URLhttps://www.allbirds.comrequestStoreByURL

2. Query product data

You can query product data for individual products (from all Shopify & Amazon stores) or for all products of a single store (currently supported only for Shopify stores).

Query product data byInfo neededExampleQuery
Individual productsProduct id and marketplace6767362474059, SHOPIFY;B07H2V5YLH, AMAZONproductByID
Whole storesMerchant store domainwww.allbirds.comproductByDomainV2

Checkout experience

The Sell Anything API allows you to place an order from multiple stores and marketplaces in a single cart. This enables developers to create a seamless single-click checkout experience while supporting products from any store and marketplace.

Here are the key features that will allow developers to build a complete end-to-end checkout experience:

1. Cart Management

The API enables creating, fetching, deleting, and submitting carts for customers.

2. Cart Product Management

The API allows customers to add, update, and remove items from their cart.

3. Shipping and Tax Calculations

The API provides accurate shipping options and tax rates based on the customer’s location and the items in their cart, allowing users to select the shipping option they prefer.

Post-checkout experience

Rye ensures that once an order has been placed, developers will have complete visibility into the order’s progress. They can view order details, receive live updates on the order’s progress, and can choose to cancel or refund the order.

1. View your submitted order

Once a cart has been submitted, you can view the order on your Orders page. Here, you can find all your placed orders, along with information such as order details, shipping address, and tracking information.

Checkout lifecycle

Submitting a cart creates a Checkout resource which can be inspected to track the progress of the order. More information about this can be found here.

2. Receive webhook updates

Rye sends webhook updates or push notifications to keep you informed about the progress of your order. Read more regarding webhooks here.

Webhook types

  • Order submission status (Started / Succeeded)
  • Order status (Placed / Failed)
  • Payment status (Succeeded / Failed / Refunded)
  • Tracking webhooks (For individual shipments)
  • Order cancellation status (Started / Succeeded / Failed)

3. Cancel your order

Developers can request an order cancellation via our API.

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Because there’s a cost associated with keeping product information up-to-date within Rye’s system, we recommend performing some initial product curation, especially as you flesh out your Rye integration. To ensure that we can provide the best service to all our customers, Rye accounts come with the following limits by default:

  • Max unique stores to request: 10
  • Max unique products to request: 300

To view your request history, you can visit the Requests page in the Rye console. You can also use that page to request additional stores and products from a UI instead of via GraphQL.

We’re able to accommodate higher limits depending on the use case, especially as order volume grows. When you get to the point where these limits are restrictive, please reach out to us via email or Slack so we can discuss your plans! We’ll be happy to help.

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