The following table displays the similarities and differences between AmazonProduct and ShopifyProduct.

propertytypeAmazon productShopify productdescription
idID!A non-null unique identifier for the product.
marketplaceMarketplace!A non-null enumeration value representing the marketplace.
titleString!A non-null string containing the title of the product.
descriptionString!A non-null string containing the product’s description.
vendorString!A non-null string representing the product’s vendor or brand.
urlURL!`A non-null URL pointing to the product’s page on the marketplace.
pricePriceA nullable Price object representing the product’s price. The price might be null if it is not available or cannot be determined.
isAvailableBoolean!A non-null boolean value indicating whether the product is available for purchase.
tags[String!]!A non-null list of strings representing tags associated with the product.
images[Image!]!A non-null list of image objects associated with the product, implementing the Image interface.
variants[Variant!]! (AmazonVariant/ShopifyVariant)A non-null list of product variants available, implementing the Variant interface. These can include different sizes, colors, or other options for the product.
ASINID!Amazon’s canonical product ID (Amazon Standard Identification Number). This field is required.
titleExcludingVariantNameString!The Amazon product title without any additional context of the variant.
featureBullets[String!]!A list of summary bullets about the product, found next to the product image on Amazon.
parentIDIDThe parent ID of the product if the product has multiple variants.
protectionPlans[AmazonProtectionPlan!]!A list of protection plans available for the product.
categories[AmazonCategory!]!A list of categories to which the product belongs.
ratingsTotalInt!The total number of ratings for this item.
reviewsTotalInt!The total number of reviews for this item.
subtitleAmazonSubtitleThe secondary title for the product, displayed below the main title on the product detail page.
videos[AmazonVideo!]!A list of videos associated with the product.
colorStringThe color of the product.
specifications[AmazonSpecification!]!A list of product specifications.
manufacturerStringThe manufacturer of the product.
weightStringThe weight of the product.
firstAvailableTimeThe date when the product was first listed on Amazon.
dimensionsStringThe dimensions of the product.
modelNumberStringThe manufacturer’s model number for the product.
descriptionHTMLString!The raw HTML of the product page description.
collectionHandleString!A handle for the product collection, used to group products together.
handleString!A unique handle for the product.
maxPriceInt!The maximum price across the product variants.
minPriceInt!The minimum price across the product variants.
productTypeString!The type of the product.
createdAtTime!The date and time when the product was created.
publishedAtTime!The date and time when the product was published.
storeCanonicalURLURL!The canonical URL of the store.
storeDomainString!The domain name part of the store canonical URL, e.g.,
options[ProductOption!]A list of extra customizations for a product.
reviewsConnectionShopifyProductReviewsConnectionA connection to fetch product reviews. It accepts the arguments before, after, first, and last for pagination purposes and returns a ShopifyProductReviewsConnection object.

Amazon and Shopify variant comparison

The following table displays the similarities and differences between AmazonVariant and ShopifyVariant

propertytypeAmazon variantShopify variantdescription
idID!The identifier of the variant
titleString!The title of the variant.
imageImage! (AmazonImage/ShopifyImage)The Image type object associated with this specific variant.
urlURL!The URL to the product page for this specific variant.
dimensions[AmazonVariantDimension!]!A list of objects that describe the dimensions of this specific variant.
isAvailableBoolean!Indicates whether the variant is available in stock. This field is required.
quantityAvailableInt⚠️The quantity of the variant available for purchase. This field will only be populated for integrated Shopify product variants, otherwise it will be null.
compareAtPriceString!The original price of the variant, which can be used to show the current price at a discount against this price.
priceString!The current price of the product variant.
isShippingRequiredBoolean!Indicates whether this product requires shipping, which can be used to distinguish between physical and digital products.
SKUString!The product SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) of the variant.
isTaxableBoolean!Indicates whether taxes can be applied to this product.
weightInt!The weight of the product in grams.
option1StringAdditional options available for this product, usually representing extra customizations.
option2StringAdditional options available for this product, usually representing extra customizations.
option3StringAdditional options available for this product, usually representing extra customizations.

Amazon and Shopify image comparison

The following table displays the similarities and differences between AmazonImage and ShopifyImage

urlURL!The URL of the image.
positionInt!The position of the image in a carousel of images.
widthInt!The width of the image in pixels.
heightInt!The height of the image in pixels.
idID!The unique ID for the Shopify Image.
variantIDs[ID!]!A list of variant IDs associated with the image.