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Integrating Rye inventory with my inventory

Hi, is it possible to integrate Rye inventory with my existing product inventory?

Rye token

Hi team - Is there a particular date for the Rye token launch we should be on the lookout for? Or simply any other details about the Rye token?


Hi team, also curious if you all have any sort of roadmap you would be able to share with the community?

Product inventory question

Hey Rye team - Do you guys store all of the data on the millions of products in Shopify/Amazon with updated prices and descriptions on a regular basis? Or do we have to directly request for each specific item? \-Sean

Merchants we can work with

Are there any merchants that you guys can guarantee that we could work with? There are a couple that we have been trying to sell products for, but has been hard to do so. Having something like Rye where we can instantly get hooked up with these merchants would be a game changer.

Alternative payment solutions

Hi Rye team, If we don’t want to use Stripe for payments, which alternatives do we have?

Monetization via Rye

Can I use Rye to make money if I am just an individual with my own e-com platform, or do I need to be a well established company that has a large number of users already?

Hiring for front end developer?

Curious if you guys are looking to hire any front end devs anytime soon?

Rye key exposure

Hey team, me again. Is it safe for me to expose the Rye key to my clients?


How does shipping and delivery work logistically for Rye?