What should you expect from the experimental section?

The term “experimental” is used to designate features that are still under development and have not yet been finalized. Here’s what you can expect from experimental features:

  • Breaking Changes: Experimental features are dynamic and subject to change. We reserve the right to make breaking changes to these features based on feedback and evolving requirements. This means that functionality can change in ways that might require you to adjust your implementation.
  • Faster Deprecation: We may deprecate experimental operations and fields faster than our standard features. Deprecation will typically occur as we move towards a more stable and permanent implementation based on user feedback and testing.
  • Migration Requirement: Once an experimental feature stabilizes, we will deprecate and eventually remove operations with the “experimental” prefix. Developers should plan for necessary migrations to the “final” schema once it becomes available.
  • Communication: It is highly recommended that developers using these experimental features maintain close contact with our team. We will not proactively communicate changes to these schemas to developers who are not known to us as users of the experimental features.

Why use experimental features?

Using experimental features allows you to:

  • Access the latest features before they are fully integrated into the platform.
  • Influence the development and refinement of new features through your feedback.
  • Prepare your applications for future changes and advancements in our technology.

Getting started

  • To begin using experimental features, please refer to the specific documentation for each feature listed in this section.
  • We strongly encourage you to reach out to us at dev@rye.com so that we can ensure you are informed about the latest updates and changes.


Your feedback is crucial to the evolution of experimental features. Please share your experiences, challenges, and any suggestions you have. Your input will directly influence the development process and help us improve these features to better meet your needs.